Wacom - Plume

Growth, Display & Flight.

We were approached by Wacom & Iris London to create a self-initiated arts film. With a focus on FutureDeluxe as a studio, how we work and our experimental approach when given an open brief.
The result is a surreal and experimental arts piece combining woman and bird to tell a beautiful visual story within an imaginary world of intricate colour and detail – Plume.

Detailed 3d Body Scans

Working with acclaimed movement artist Paletta, we set about creating a series of dynamic poses which mimicked the movement of a bird  – Growth, Display & Flight.
These poses were then performed at 3d scanning studio FBFX who captured them in super high detail and provided us with CG models to be used as the core stylised element of the film.

Intricate layers of detail

An extensive period of research and design followed to create a unique procedural based series of CG textures and abstract details which were then applied layer after layer onto the human form.

Character Animation & FX

A series of lifelike and abstract birds were modelled and animated within the research and design phase. The final bird animation sequence was then multiplied and simulated to create a dramatic flock in the final scene.

Process Film

Further Design & Development


Designed & directed by FutureDeluxe.
Art Direction & Lead CG Artist – Twistedpoly
Model/Movement Artist – Paleta
Audio – Resonate
3D Scanning – FBFX
Additional CG & FX – Thom Haig & Simon Fiedler
Character Rigging & Animation – Alex Bootz

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